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What is the MetaBLADE ?

The future of the digital game is here. Join the metablade duels, race to the summit and start building your legacy today, and you can think of the zed run game to get a better picture in your head. You will be able to own, manage and develop your metablade nftes from all over the world. You will join the duels with these metablades.

The disemits that fall from the game and the metablades that you will empower with these imitations. So you can increase the rarity of your nftone and have a more exclusive collection, and you can win and be reunned. Instead of strengthening your bytes, you can transfer and sell your duels to the nft marketplace and sell them to another friend who needs that push. We know it's exciting. We can't wait to get you back with this game, and we're working hard on every detail.


The Metablade project consists of two stages:

  • Browser

Sign in via your Internet browser, open an account, personalize your account. The matches are 3v3. Two people are randomly assigned on the game break and your team is created.
Invite your own friend if you want to and team up. But remember that this is a team game, a tank attack and a system built on balance, and their choice is in your mind
Every metablade has special abilities. You need to improve your gaming mechanics. Each person has 3 abilities of their own. The directional keys move to use the 'Q, W, E' capabilities. You will be able to move faster by pressing and holding the "Space" key. As the match continues, you can win a variety of metarians and make them stronger together with these metals or markets
You can offer it, and I think the foreigners will win. To maintain the value of this buckle, you can trade it for MetaBlade Token or buy metarians to power the shard from the market you can get strong.
In a League system, everyone will face equal competition, and when you increase your rate with lucrative gains, the capabilities of the gamers will be enhanced
why would that happen? you have Your token gain rate will increase at every level and you will not always be able to achieve success when you improve the balance using your metarians. Failed enhancements
this is gonna happen. It is designed to maintain the value of these materials and our most selective materials are called Elixir. Elixir, you will win in the game. With Wapon, you press byte + each + key printed this device will power your metablade and change its appearance. One side blade may be up to + 10.
Alchemist value holding Ratio
+1  100%
+2  90%
+3  70%
+4  50%
+5  40%
+6  30%
+7  15%
+8  10%
+9  5%
+10  2%

Our game is a global game, so we will always keep our market online, and in the game the Materials are always required, and because of this need, our market is always on the market
It will be active and busy, which will not be sold to the lower value of the tariffs you earn and less than the set low value, and you will have the upper limit.


Staking (Renting out) your NFT

If you are in the space for a while, you probably aware of staking NFT and yielding the token of the project. The main problem with that is most NFT tokens don't have any utility other than breeding. Therefore, most of these tokens value decreases over time. Our solution to this problem is using the staked NFT (character) in the game. Renting or buying a Metablade NFT is the only way to have higher stats and a unique look in the game. Therefore players who cannot afford a Blader NFT will be able to rent it out for a reasonable price in the game from the collectors who staked their NFT.

Note:The Player who rents a character can attend weekly tournament.


Tournaments will be held on the weekends. All the tournaments will be exclusive to MetaBlade NFT holders. The tournaments will be free to enter for MetaBlade NFT holders and the prize pool will come from the royalties. The higher the royalty incomes, the higher the prize pools in our weekly tournaments. Some of the prizes:

  • MetaBlade logo printed hoodie/t-shirt
  • Miniature MateBlade
  • MateBlade key-chain
  • 3d printed version of MateBlade
  • MetaBlade Token
  • Miniature Toy Characters

Note: The upcoming matches will be live on twitch.tv

Royalty types

We have 2 different types of royalties:

  • Royalties from Binance NFT Market secondary sales

Royalties from secondary sales are capped at 5 percent.

  • Revenue from in-game ads

Since our game is free, it would be helpful to show ads to have extra money to hire more developers for our team and build better and faster. Don't worry we won't use pop-ups or this kind of annoying ads. We will only use in-game ads and they won't be distracting you from the game.

Royalty Management

  • The MetaBlade royalty vault is used to fund and operate the business of MetaBlade. The Vault will be initially funded with 5% of drop sales, and on an ongoing basis, with 100% of royalties.
  • 10% of the vault is committed to Team expenses. Expenses include what you might expect - hiring employees and consultants, marketing and community operations.
  • 15% of the vault is committed to Event expenses. We are going to have events both in our game and in real life. All community members will be invited to the events. The expenses will cover the giveaways, food and beverage expenses at the events.
  • 75% of the vault is committed to Community expenses. These expenses will cover Weekly Tournament rewards and giveaways.

What Is a Governance Token?

Governance tokens are tokens that developers create to allow token holders to help shape the future of a protocol. Governance token holders can influence decisions concerning the project such as proposing or voting on new feature proposals and even changing the governance system itself.

Snapshot Voting

Snapshot voting will be based on your MetaBlade NFT holdings only. To participate in voting, you'll need to connect your wallet to our Snapshot page (to be shared at later date) and your NFT holdings will automatically appear. You must be connected to the BSC main network. We look forward to building MetaBlade together with the community!

Participating in snapshot voting

  • Follow the Snapshot link.
  • Connect the MetaMask wallet associated with your MetaBlade holdings. You must be on the BSC main network.
  • Select your choice to either:
    • Approve proposal
    • Reject proposal
  • Sign to vote once you've made your selection (this does not incur gas fees).Select carefully as you may not be able to change your vote.